I am from the Aveyron region in France and proud of it. This was the starting point ,my inspiration for painting , for travelling far and returning home , for friendship and for love . For La Belle Vie .

I was born on Tuesday morning , April 16 , 1963 into a warm and loving familly , respected citizens of the city of Millau . My father was a painter of houses , my mother a shop-keper . My five–year old brother was there to greet me , as was my mother’s father , to whom l owe my love for all things epicurean . School life came all too early and i twas quite obvious that it would never be my favorite place . although it did allow me to discover my passion for art : I won my first drawing contest at the tender age of 6 . As a teenager, and despite my parents’ tireless efforts, the situation remained hopeless ; high-school just wasn’t for me . I became an apprentice . Like my father , I would be a house painter . This is how I started painting at night, as if in secret, inspired as I was by the surrealistic . My subjects may have been dark and desperate as we can imagine the mat this time of one’s life ; but I was already fascinated by the technique .

Against all odds, I wound up in Paris. In final act of desperation, my parents accepted to enrol me in the Superior Institute of Fine Arts . For the first time in my life , school interests me . I graduate with honours. Back at home , a bottle of Château Margaux 1959 is opened to celebrate, a gift from one my uncles to mark the beginning of my life as an adult . The taste of that nectar will remain with me forever ; it sometimes invites itself to the all-too-fleeting memory ofmy taste buds. It is said that good things come in threes ; i twas during this short vacation break that I met the woman who would become my wife.

Back to Paris for my first assignments in advertising . My nights are always reserved for my passion : painting . I roam the Parisian Flea Markets on the week-ends, looking for bric-a-brac brimming with souvenirs ; I started surrounding such objects with by-gone bottles of wine shared with friends and transfer the memory onto the canvas . I’m promoted to Artistic Director. Life is good . But I miss the South of France, the peaceful life, communing with nature . And all I want is to paint…just paint . My wife I decide to go home .

The transition took two years, from Paris to Montpellier, from the world of publicity to my passion for painting . I went from art gallery , throughout France, presenting my work, asking for advice, meeting interesting people and finally piquing the interest of my first gallery owner . This is when my daughter decided to make her debut . I am a happy man, captivated by this little life force…a bit fearful too . I can’t take my eyes off of her ; she beams at me like the sun ! Then one summer, Gilles Dyan enters my life . Thanks to his enthusiasm, his kindness and his friendship, I can finally fulfil my artist’s dream and develop my work . I feel freer thane ver before.

Here we are in Aveyron country. In this famylly residence, witness to my childhood joys, this house that has been host to my most tender familly moments . Here are all the ingredients for the simple, beautiful life so dear to me. Peaceful Mother Nature, familly and friends ; they’re all close to help celebrate life’s milestones or overcome its hardships . This house, I feed it with all of those precious objects unearthed over the years. An exceptional wine cellar welcomes the table wine and the collector’s bottle, souvenirs of my travels. And it’s the painting that makes it allso sublime. My way of sharing my happiness !